First of all, I feel loathed to write this. I don’t like giving that “Thing” oxygen to spread its poisonous tentacles, so in order to reduce  its exposure, the Thing’s name will not be spoken of. If you’re wondering who I am talking about, it’s the UK’s favourite blond, reality TV bigot they wheel out to increase TV ratings and tabloid sales/clicks. I can only assume the bigoted readership must be a lucrative group to attract. Who knows, putting aside propaganda reasons, maybe advertisers have found bigots buy more stuff when exposed to adverts, it wouldn’t surprise me as they do tend towards stupid.

But anyway, back onto my point, it really says a lot when this creature is allowed to air its odious views. Time and time again, right-wing and even so-called left-wing media allow it to spew its venom all over the place. And then time and time again, the predictable pattern repeats itself again; some people get outraged, clickbait is successful. Others, the bigots, get empowered, “See my dehumanizing violent views are the norm.  We are the [actually rather loud] silent majority [minority].”

Big media corporations, by giving the Thing a platform, are normalizing extreme ideals. The danger being that the future norm will hold the Things views as perfectly acceptable and the repercussions that will have on vulnerable groups is horrifying to image. As the Thing soaks up more and more attention, it will only be a matter of time before the Thing gives birth to other Things, you only have to look towards the freak show that is the US to see the spread of Bigoted Bollocks as a perfected art form. The best solution is to ignore its existence but sadly the twisted loo blockers will of course allow its freak show to continue performing.

Though, if an alternative Thing were to appear, a left-wing version*, which threw up violent mad shit against any and all privileged wealthy people, I bet condemnations will come quickly and loudly from the loo blockers. I bet declarations will be shouted out, telling everyone the unThing is literally worse than Hitler. (Screw Godwin.)  See it is okay to have violent murderous thoughts towards groups who are easy to pick on but it will be a big no-no to turn the table of violence back onto them. They are good morally upstanding people, you on the other hand, haha….

*Doubt any will appear. If it does appear, it’ll likely be more right-wing propaganda, “Look at those violent lefties who want to harm good wholesome people like us.” Kinda thing.


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