No, not you, the one over there, yes you in the middle there.

You know what the sickest thing is through all these austerity crap is? It’s the way people’s  lives are now just simply worthless.

They just don’t matter at all. Destroying their futures, throwing them out into the streets or if they die, are just not an acceptable matter of things, more than that, it is for the greater good, apparently. From the unlucky person getting a sanction from the Job Centre to well, almost the entirety of Greece; all completely and utterly worthless.

That woman who worked for 20+ years straight without claiming a penny until she got laid off. WORTHLESS. That man, who, like the woman, worked all his life before developing a regressive disability. WORTHLESS. That young graduate; keen, bright and intelligent but who lacks the correct “connections.” WORTHLESS. That child, born to single mother, who has dreams of making it out of poverty, who works hard at school despite being hungry and who is optimistic but doesn’t yet know they don’t have a chance. WORTHLESS.

There’s just no money left of course, because money, after all, is created from mythical money dust, rarer than a unicorn; it’s a finite resource, unlike oil – which according to UKIP, refills itself. A State just does not and cannot  create its own currency. Plus it is completely powerless in its ability to oversee that the currency circulates throughout society, thus ensuring that the economy is healthy. Hell no, that is complete bark raving lunacy.

A complete nutter who knew nothing.
A complete nutter who knew nothing about “economics”.

What’s this, evil commie traitors are saying? Something about financial deregulation, mortgage crisis, toxic debt, casino banking and corruption ? Pah what nonsense, let me tell you the real story:

Once upon a time, a tragedy struck the most morally upstanding gentlemen on this planet, the bankers. One day a money drilling rig off the coast of the US blew up, destroying much of the scarce substance known as “money.” This created a shortage of money and those nice generous bankers were beside themselves. They asked themselves. “ What will happen to the world if we, kind-hearted souls, end up poor? This isn‘t our fault, not in the slightest.” Eventually it became clear what destroyed the money rig. It was the fault of the unprivileged and of course, Greece. (Damn those Greeks.) The bankers, and their equally morally upstanding, chums, the politicians, at first thought that it couldn’t possibly be ordinary people like me and you, (no not you in the middle, the first one) but through careful examination of the disaster, it was discovered that our collective psychic brainpower destroyed half the money supply.

I forgot to add, only the elves with their
I forgot to add, only the elves with their “ancient secret techiques ” can make the rare substance known as “money”.

As money, a finite resource, was running thin, sacrifices had to be made. Bankers are like oxygen, in that the planet will die without them – and since  it was mine and Greece’s fault in first place, we of course had to sacrifice everything. The bankers and the politicians being such lovely courteous folk, forgave us of our terrible sins but not without penance. Thus austerity was born. What little money was left had to be given to the bankers, the politicians and big corporate middle men as they were the life-force of the planet, without them the planet would wither into a brown lifeless husk. It is necessary for the good of all that someone like Iain Duncan Smith has a £39 breakfast everyday while a diabetic man is left to starve to death. Death is sadly unfortunate but sacrifices are sacrifices, there isn’t any money left and it must go to where it is needed the most. If people like Iain Duncan Smith didn’t have an expensive breakfast everyday the world would be plunged into chaos and you wouldn’t want that now, would you?

Now back to reality. This comes back to You. You, who believes everything that you read in that type of newspaper, the kind whose only worth is blocking up toilets. You, who believe the Conservative party and their Liberal Democrat lackeys did such a noble job in such hard circumstances, circumstances that are clearly worse than say 1946. You, who are in it together, except that you aren’t. You, who believes everything is alright because you are alright. You, who will put a cross beside The Conservatives, UKIP or The Lib Dems because austerity is the only way to pay off that debt, which is just like a household’s debt, and every other alternative is dismissed as silly fantasy that will end the world. You, who believes that Iain Duncan Smith’s expensive breakfasts are more important than a human being’s life.

Move over starving children, this is the worthiest cause of all time. *sniffs*
Move over starving children, this is the worthiest cause of all time. *sniffs*

You don’t like that last sentence, do you? Outrage is filling up your body now. You’re tempted to type out a message aren’t you? A comment to shout out, that how dare I make you sound like a callous monster, that I am the real monster for calling you one. Don’t I know, you’ve had a hard life, I shouldn‘t be so mean, I shouldn‘t make assumptions. Problem is, yes, you actually are a monster.

If you condone and support policies that destroy the wellbeing of others, that ruin the futures of millions, that cause death, you are a monster. And what is this all for? So that the elite are better off than ever, at the expense of the rest of us, even yourself?

Sorry your pleads that you are a nice person of the non-monstrous sort just doesn’t cut it. If you support austerity in any way, there is blood on your hands.

If you support austerity, you support privatisations of key public services, making it increasingly too expensive for people to use (or too expensive to run), while the service goes down the drain. You are happy to pay more in insurance than you would pay in taxes. For what? So private interests, in an unnecessary, unneeded middle man role, can take a large share of taxes that could be used to fund investment elsewhere.

If you support austerity, you support cuts, infrastructure left to rot and leaving vulnerable people without no support. Children, domestic abuse victims, adults with no one to support them and disabled people etc. You’re happy for them all to suffer. Hell you are happy for yourself to suffer, if you happen to have bad luck. You believe in tough shit, so if you end up, say disabled, you’ll be happy to beg on the side of the pavement for sustenance. The money does have to go to deserving causes like an off shore tax haven.

If you support austerity you support the ruination of the job market. Making people redundant, the normalisation of terrible working conditions, zero hour contracts and unpaid work. You support the idea that work’s value is in the work itself, a wage is optional and that an employer offering unpaid work, not a wage, is doing so out of the goodness of his heart. You may also support Iain Duncan Smith’s belief that the activity of profit-making work can cure every illness, even cancer! The way to building a successful economy is for millions of people to work unpaid at Poundland. That utopia will surely be glorious.

If you support austerity, you support the bullying of those who need support. You support fully functional human beings being treated like nursery age children at the Job Centre. You support law-abiding citizens being treated worse than criminals. You believe they are deserving of a community sentence longer than the longest sentences handed out to criminals. You support sanctions, meaning you support plunging people into debt, you support them going hungry, you support them being chucked out of their home and onto the streets. You support it when someone dies, starving of neglect, or when they’ve had enough of the bullying and take their own life.

Maybe you’re a foolish monster, someone whose lack of political and economic education or knowledge means that you believe what those nice gentlemen in those neat expensive suits say on the BBC. Those gentlemen from groups like the Taxpayers Alliance and the Centre of Social Justice are so intelligent and articulate, they must know what they are talking about! Well, yeah they do, just not in the way you think, thus you fall whole-heartily for the propaganda.

Maybe you are a monster and proud of it. There’s no end to violent twats on comment sections, wishing nasty things to happen to the unemployed, the disabled, people with “too many” children and immigrants.

Alternatively, you are a deluded monster, one that spends all your time with your head in the sand. You think you aren’t suffering so the suffering of others must just be an illusion spewed those silly commie papers like the Guardian. After all, you once saw a person, who you don’t know, but who you assumed to be “poor” with.. Wait… for it.. Gasp.. an iPhone. Since some people own iPhones, poverty is a lie, the people using food banks must of course be there for the freebies, not because they need it. You know the truth as a friend of a friend, who was at the pub saw a “scrounger” who went to a food bank. They saw this “scrounger” drink all the alcohol in the pub and saw them go outside to smoke ten thousands fags – oh yeah they had a brand new 50” TV on them too. Only bad people need welfare, you’ll never be in need of assistance because you’re a good person and nothing bad ever happens to good people.

Yes, you are a monster. You see no value in another’s life but your own and (maybe) your immediate others. Everyone else is surplus to requirement, we don’t matter and our existence is worth sacrificing for rich people to get even richer. We are worthless.

Our wellbeing must be sacrificed so that Iain Duncan Smith can have expensive food and underwear. Our futures must be sacrificed so that bankers and corporations can hog all the tax funds in their tax havens. Our lives must be sacrificed because it’s for the greater good – so I’m told. I mean ,what do I know? I don’t own an expensive suit.

If you don’t want to be a monster, the solution is easy, stop being one.


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