I wrote the previous post before the Fuck Parade Cereal Killer incident. I’m not getting into the debate whether it was right or wrong. But of course wealthy people, outraged (but not outraged when a disabled man was made homeless a few days ago) that a café charging like £3- £5 for a bowl of cereal got graffitied up a bit. Of all the insults to use, they of course went for “racism”. Despite no obvious signs of racism in play.

Notice how they bring up racist groups out of nowhere and fight in the name for poor Bangladeshis:

anti racism re edit

anti racism 2

anti-racism q1 reedit

anti-racism q12 re edit

Hipsters are now an oppressed racial group:

hipster cereal cafe

Then the comparisons go full Godwin:


I assume this person is decent human being who loves and respects everyone and is totally not a racist himself right guys?


“The nature of the people he governed.” Oops. Steve is also a gator, you know that hate group against women and PoC getting better representation in video games.

As we see, the wealthy critics decided that the protesters were UKIP/EDL/Britain First types because like I pointed out in Part 1 unemployed types are now the only racists in town. Just as we are all fag smoking, Stella chugging lazy scrounging scum with 20 kids, we are all now automatic members of Britain First. The same Britain First who clearly love people on benefits by the way:



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