There’s something that has been irritating me for a short while, see a Facebook friend of mine linked to a video which called out racists but in turn insinuated that only unemployed people could possibly be racist, because the likes of Farage and Griffin are of course council estate boys or something innit.

This isn’t the first time I’ve came across the phenomena, I used to follow an anti-EDL page that mocked their gross stupidity but there came a time I had to stop following that page due to the violent and harassing nature many of the posters had towards unemployed people. They stereotyped all the unemployed as thuggish racists and ironically engaged in the same kind of violent language the EDL frequently used against Muslims. At that point the Conservatives had been in power for a year.

So I left and never thought about it until recently when I’ve started to see the same kind of dehumanizing language used again by wealthy white people towards the unemployed. Implying that we are all innately racist thugs. We being the beasts who wealthy white people need to slay in order defend helpless racial minorities.

These wealthy people have clearly observed that it’s not right to judge people by traits they cannot help and yet they stereotype all the unemployed as one mass of lazy racist scroungers.

I’m guessing these people are the types who think jobs grow on trees and anyone can get one if they click their shiny red slippers hard enough, blah…. something…. something…. bootstraps.

I guess these are the people who hold their fingers in their ears and go “lalala” when systematic inequality, structural unemployment and economic insecurity that is deliberately designed into the system is pointed out to them. It is so much easier to vilify the victims (while erasing the voices of those you claim to protect) than to actually make the effort into building a happy secure society. Divide and rule, truly a time tested formula.

If the unemployed are the only mean nasty racists out there, it stands to reason then that good upstanding employers couldn’t possibly be racist right? Surely the employment statistics for minorities in the UK show almost full employment?

unemployment statistics

Oh look a much higher rate of unemployment for non-white racial groups, I guess employers aren’t so saintly after all. Let’s not get into the baffling conclusion to this logic that suggests unemployed racial minorities are technically racist to themselves.

It shouldn’t need to be said that racists come from all walks of life. Racism needs to be tackled but you aren’t going to tackle by pointing at innocent people, dehumanizing them so you feel okay when you support measures that ruin their lives.


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